Mobile-first resident assessment: A mobile app facilitating formative feedback, self-reflection, and assessment data integrity

June 5, 2017 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Kent Haden, Resilience Software
Jonathan Woods, Resilience Software

A consistent challenge in medical education has been achieving faculty buy-in to program initiatives, ensuring the occurrence of ample and consistent formative feedback, and facilitating immediate and accurate assessment of resident activities. T-Res Eval is a mobile-first assessment app that enables contextual assessment and promotes engagement, self-reflection, and bi-directional feedback between learner and supervisor.  T-Res Eval operates on both iOS and Android devices, and performs while connected or offline. The app is currently used in several post-graduate and undergraduate medical education programs, and is central to education innovation, including the contextual ‘Reflective Moments’ introduced by one Canadian clerkship program.

This session will offer live demonstrations of mobile assessments using T-Res Eval. A developer and attendee, representing a resident and a preceptor, will each use a mobile device to complete an assessment while standing side-by-side. The demo will include the logging of an activity, a request for assessment, the instant arrival of the requested assessment on the preceptor’s mobile device as a ‘pending’ evaluation, and the completion and saving of the assessment by the preceptor. All attendees will have the opportunity to experience an assessment from the perspectives of both the resident and the preceptor.  A question and answer period may cover the challenges experienced in development and deployment, discipline-specific configurations, and mobile assessment strategies related to competency-based medical education.