A standards-based approach to implementing the micro-application platform model

June 5, 2017 10:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Sascha Cohen, UCSF School of Medicine
Jon Johnson, UCSF - The Ilios Project

Leveraging standards allows for the rapid development deployment and enhancement of point-specific tools to be used against a micro-application platform. In this example, numerous micro-apps are shown to connect to the Ilios Curriculum Management Platform API, using the curriculum, API, and other standards as a baseline for data design management and retrieval.

We hope to present a model of microapplications interacting with Ilios via the API. Each of the microapps (and Ilios) will represent a tool designed specifically to leverage the value of one or more standards (the CI standard, LTI, possibly others), as well as lend credence to the modeling of an API standard. This addresses in demonstrated practice a number of points:

1) Standards provide a critical rubric for the interoperability of systems

2) the microapplication platform model is a robust option for leveraging data transaction and delivery via standards-driven mechanisms

3) The Ilios API provides a model for an API standard, which can act as a meta-standard for the management of data being transacted through it using various data standards.