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Our Charter

MedBiquitous brings together professionals from medical and healthcare associations, universities, industry and government agencies, collaborating to build a comprehensive standards framework to support health professions learners and educators. Collectively, these efforts have led to the establishment of common language and terminology, more efficient business processes, significant quality improvement measures and innovative solutions within health professions education and credentialing.

Benefits of Membership

MedBiquitous brings leaders from across the health professions together for an ongoing exchange of information and best practices. Together, we identify industry challenges, goals and solutions, leading to the creation of new standards that guide what happens today as well as the future of health professions education, assessment and improvement.

MedBiquitous membership gives you:

  1. Leadership. Position your organization as an industry leader, committed to building and optimizing standards to advance health professions, for your own benefit as well as others.
  2. Ownership. Join the table and activate your voice when challenges are identified, decisions are made and solutions are implemented.
  3. Collaboration. Have a voice as we work to create a universal structure and consistently-shared terminology.
  4. Proactive Knowledge. Be among the first to know as new standards are discussed, fine-tuned, finalized and implemented.
  5. Solutions. Introduce challenges and opportunities, gain perspective from others and bring answers back to your organization.

Membership Options

MedBiquitous offers two levels of membership:

  • Basic membership allows you to collaborate actively with our leaders and partnering organizations to define standards and propose new development projects. You can participate in MedBiquitous working groups that are focused on core issues most relevant to your organization’s needs and goals. You can also take advantage of discounted rates for educational events sponsored by MedBiquitous, including our Annual Conference, and will be recognized as a member on our web site.
  • Sustaining membership includes all of the benefits of basic membership, as well as an invitation to participate in an annual standards strategy meeting with MedBiquitous leadership. Additionally, organizations that join at the sustaining level receive two complimentary registrations for our Annual Conference.

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As a member of MedBiquitous, we get to have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation as decisions are made about standards that impact our organization, its goals and products. Staying on the front end of the information loop as complex standards change and evolve is extremely beneficial.
Dr. Michael Hagen, American Board of Family Medicine