Baltimore Maryland, USA, October 4, 2012. The use of outcome and competency frameworks is a growing part of health professions education and regulation in many countries. A new standard from MedBiquitous will make it easier to connect those competency frameworks to curricula, learning resources, and assessment data, driving competency-based education and assessment.

“Competency frameworks are at the heart of educational reform in health professions education,” said Peter Greene, M.D., Executive Director of MedBiquitous and Chief Medical Information Officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine.  “The MedBiquitous Competency Framework standard helps educators drive those reforms with robust technologies.”

The MedBiquitous Competency Framework, ANSI /MEDBIQ CF.10.1-2012, is a technical standard for representing competency frameworks in XML.  Organizations that publish competency frameworks can do so in this standard format, making it easier to integrate competency frameworks into educational technologies like curriculum management systems. The standard allows medical schools and other health professions schools to connect their curriculum, learning resources, and assessment data back to a common set of competencies, ultimately enabling competency-based views of the curriculum and of learner performance.

“To implement competency-based education, you have to track the curriculum and performance back to common competencies,” said Tim Willett, Director of Research and Development for SIM-one and  MedBiquitous Competencies Working Group co-chair.  “The Competency Framework is essential for that tracking.”

“Competencies are key to the reforms underway in graduate medical education,” added Rosalyn Scott, Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the Dayton VA Medical Center, Professor of Surgery andBiomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering at Wright State University and fellow MedBiquitous Competencies Working Group co-chair. “We need to tie resident performance to common competencies across programs, and the MedBiquitous Competency Framework is an important part of the solution.

The standard can be downloaded from the MedBiquitous website,  


About MedBiquitous

Founded by Johns Hopkins Medicine and leading professional medical societies, the MedBiquitous Consortium is creating a technology blueprint for health care education. Based on XML and Web services standards, this blueprint will seamlessly support the health care learner in ways that will improve patient care and simplify the administrative work associated with education and competence assessment. MedBiquitous also provides a neutral forum for educators and industry alike to exchange ideas about innovative uses of Web technologies for health care education and communities of practice. It is the mission of MedBiquitous to advance health care education through technology standards that promote professional competence, collaboration, and better patient care. For more information on MedBiquitous, please visit