Community of Practice Will Support Healthcare Educators and Other Professionals

Baltimore, Maryland, November 3, 2004  Today, the MedBiquitous Consortium launches MELD, the MedBiquitous E-Learning Discourse. Located at, MELD is a community of practice, a place where healthcare educators can get together to solve real-world problems in developing and delivering online healthcare education.

MELD was inspired by the increased need for effective healthcare e-learning and by the need for healthcare educators to understand e-learning technologies and standards, instructional design techniques, and adult learning principles. This community will provide information and collaborative opportunities to the diverse set of individuals involved in healthcare e-learning, including instructional designers, healthcare educators and administrators, publishers, IT system administrators, and web developers.


According to MedBiquitous Executive Director, Peter S. Greene, MD, "Other industries, including aviation and defense, have successfully leveraged online learning to train their workforces, but as with other technologies, healthcare has lagged in using learning technologies effectively. Finally, healthcare is beginning to embrace e-learning as professional societies, universities, teaching hospitals, government, and commercial enterprises include it as a part of their overall strategy. What we have not seen yet is a lot of high quality content or cost-effective use of learning resources."



Often experienced healthcare educators have trouble understanding where and how technology standards fit into effective e-learning, and IT implementers often fail to understand the role of pedagogy. MELD will bring together the worlds of technology and pedagogy for effective e-learning.



MELD will serve as a comprehensive resource for people who produce and distribute online healthcare education for all levels of learners. This online community of practice will provide information and collaborative opportunities on a range of topics in e-learning including pedagogy (i.e., instructional design, assessment, distance learning, and curriculum development), technology standards, educational technology, educational metrics, e-learning economics, and issues and methods specific to healthcare education.



"We hope that MELD will advance the quality of online healthcare education and that it will become known as the best place to turn to become familiar with key issues, existing resources, and best practices," states Dr. Greene.



MELD is an online publication of MedBiquitous. MedBiquitous is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards development organization for learning technologies in healthcare. Founded by Johns Hopkins Medicine and leading professional medical societies, MedBiquitous is an international consortium of professional associations, universities, commercial and governmental organizations dedicated to advancing healthcare education through technology standards that promote professional competence, collaboration, and better patient care. Its society members represent over 400,000 physicians worldwide, and its government and industry members are leaders in healthcare.



You can find MELD at and the MedBiquitous website at