REVISED MedBiquitous Healthcare Metadata to be trialled on mirror of UK NHS Radiology Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) content on Giunti Labs‚ learn eXact LCMS

April 4, 2007. The R-ITI Project, a collaboration between the Royal College of Radiologists, the Department of Health and the NHS (UK National Health Service), was set up with the aim of increasing the number of radiology trainees in the UK.

The initiative has to date produced more than 800 eLearning modules (=ca 600 hours) of eLearning content with an approximate 10:1 reduction in production time and costs compared to average commercial rates. This has been achieved by using new generation learning content production methodologies, technologies and standards empowered by learn eXact LCMS.

learn eXact, which the R-ITI project selected for all its content production infrastructure, is the product of Giunti Labs, Europe’s leading eLearning and Mobile Learning Content Management Solutions provider.

With a network of more than 30 content engineers, 350 subject matter experts and peer reviewers, the R-ITI initiative has managed to rapidly produce the required large volumes of content for training junior radiologists in the UK, whilst maintaining high level of standards and ensuring the needed quality and effectiveness by means of innovative XML based templates and formats, including case based reasoning and image supported analysis.

The R-ITI team has won the best eLearning team of the year in UK’s eLearning Age Magazine 2006 awards.

Giunti Labs, a MedBiquitous member since 2006, who have recently opened their North American operations with an office in Boston, have approached UK NHS R-ITI to apply the MedBiquitous Healthcare LOM Metadata to a federated repository of the R-ITI content to investigate how effectively it maps to this comprehensive body of work.

This process will involve the rapid and massive indexing of the material now available in the R-ITI digital repositories using visual taxonomies and MedBiquitous vocabularies to enable fast indexing, searching, retrieval and distribution of the R-ITI content. A draft implementation will be showcased at the MedBiquitous Annual Conference in Baltimore, April 16-18.