Press Releases

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26 July 2013
Data Commons Adopts MedBiquitous Technology Standard: New information sharing company will utilize Healthcare Professional Profile as a key component of its IT infrastructure 

28 May 2013
Analyzing the Health Professions Curricula: New standard supports compilation of curriculum data for benchmarking and research

4 October 2012
New Standard Supports Move to Competency-Based Education in the Health Professions

21 August 2012
Johns Hopkins MedBiquitous project supports FDA REMS initiative addressing ER/LA opioid abuse: New MedBiquitous standards to enable the integration of continuing education data from across the health professions

12 August 2010
Accreditation Council for CME Opens Online Program & Activity Reporting System: ACCME’s online database improves efficiency; provides more comprehensive picture of accredited CME, MedBiquitous standards enable easier, consistent data collection

6 April 2010
Transforming Healthcare Learning Virtually: New Standard for Virtual Patients Allows Global Collaboration and Curriculum Transformation

1 February 2010
Look to the Future: Virtual Patients & E-learning in Medical Education

31 August 2009
MedBiquitous Releases American National Standard to Increase Accountability for Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education

7 July 2008
MedBiquitous Releases American National Standard to Improve Professional Credentials Data Exchange

14 May 2008
MedBiquitous Releases American National Standard to Improve Access to Healthcare Education Resources