WAVES: A needs analysis of Scenario-Based Learning and MOOCs

June 6, 2017 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Sheetal Kavia, St George's, University of London
Luke Woodham, St George's University of London
Trupti Jivram, St George's University of London
Aurora Sese, St George's, University of London
Supriya Krishnan, St George's, University of London
Terry Poulton , St George's University of London

Widening Access to Virtual Educational Scenarios (WAVES) is a project co-funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme, which aims to make Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) technology more accessible, integrated and inform the wider community on the use of SBL in teaching and training.

One of the first activities was to investigate and commission a needs analysis of the experience people have with online resources, SBL and Massive Open Online Courses, by means of an online questionnaire (n=188), a focus group (n=7), and interviews (n=9). A major target groups for this analysis was the Projects Associate Partner Forum, which includes end-users from diverse disciplines and training levels from WAVES higher education university network, training and education in the workplace in non-medical disciplines (Bayer, eOMed), and Continuing Professional Development for existing professionals (CHEM, PRC). The group thereby provided feedback from different perspectives, making the feedback much richer and generic to all disciplines.

The participants were asked to provide feedback depending on their role(s) within their organisation (as a learner, educator or technologist). Learners and educators had similar views on what features were important when either developing or using online resources, and technologist had a stronger emphasised the importance of system integration of online resources and gave a good insight into what is currently being used within organisations. The outcomes of the analysis will be presented in more detail.  

The needs analysis results have helped to define the key developments needed for the next phase of the project.