Developing the Learner Portfolio: An Iterative Process

June 6, 2017 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Susan Hollar, University of Michigan
Johmarx Patton, University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) MD curriculum is in a transformative phase. New faculty roles are being developed such as coaches, who meet with students regularly over their four years at UMMS to provide support and guidance. Competency committees are tracking student progress, replacing academic review boards. These roles have different needs for student outcomes data.  For example, a time-pressed coach may need an efficient visualization of student progress to quickly scan before for a coaching session, while a competency committee member may need to delve into more detail on specific test or quiz outcomes.  To support these and other faculty roles in medical education, we are continuing to iterate and improve on the Learner Portfolio. After a successful implementation of the new the learning management system, Canvas, and the Outcomes Dashboard, a tool for tracking student learning outcomes, we are engaged in a new development phase focused on role-based views to the student outcomes data.

In this presentation, we will share our progress on developing role-specific views to student outcomes data, including developing access guidelines, competency tracking, possibilities for visualizations, highlighting areas for improvement and identifying students potentially at risk for remediation in different competencies.  We will also share how to incorporate information from the learning management system into the Learner Portfolio and plans for an integrated learning plan.