Putting it all together: What happens when data flows freely

June 6, 2017 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Sascha Cohen, UCSF School of Medicine

One of the continuing challenges in educational technology is the siloed nature of various aspects of the data which drive the overall mission and learning experience. Historically difference aspects of educational information (curriculum, evaluation, assessment, experience, progress/trajectory, opportunity) have been stored, managed, and delivered by different systems, using different models, different taxonomies, and even different assumptions of pedagogy. With the push toward better and broader application of standards, improvements in technology platforms and open APIs, and the drive toward greater ecosystem integrations, we are beginning to be able to break down those barriers, and leverage the resulting "bigger data" to drive quality improvement, enhance the student educational experience, and create a data-based, evidence-driven environment to allow faculty and students to thrive. This presentation opens the discussion to current trends in applied technologies, in particular their impact on the effective delivery of hyper-individualized, integrated curricula, and the possibilities presented by those trends.