MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2014


The MedBiquitous Annual Conference provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and to learn from international leaders. It focuses on learning technologies and technology standards to promote better outcomes across the continuum of health professions education.

Breadth and Depth

The 2014 conference features case studies as well as demonstrations of innovative technologies, workshops, panel sessions, and talks from leaders in the field. Mobile technology for learning and assessment is a key theme this year. A MedBiquitous orientation is available May 18.


Thanks to all those who attended! Presentationsare now available. You can also see the tweets from the conference! Mark your calendars for MedBiquitous 2015, May 17-19, 2015.



MedBiquitous is grateful for the support of the following sponsors:

American Osteopathic Association  Data Commons


Decision Simulatiion  LCMS + CECity