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Annual Conference 2018

May 21-22, 2018
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Call for Abstracts coming in October 2017

Standards News

Educational Achievement standard delivers common language for documenting learner competency and achievement across the continuum.


New xAPI profile helps to track, analyze, and report learner experiences and achievements.


Bring Competency Data Together

MedBiquitous standards let you bring competency data together across schools, programs, or sites for a comprehensive view of learner competency and performance.

Track Achievements and Credentials

MedBiquitous Standards make it easy for you to track the credentials and achievements of healthcare professionals, including Continuing Education and certification requirements.

Use Data to Drive Improvement

MedBiquitous Standards allow organizations to create connections and work better together. Our standards let you connect data and share content across organizations to increase efficiency, drive improvement, and map the curriculum.

As a member of MedBiquitous, we get to have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation as decisions are made about standards that impact our organization. Staying on the front end of the information loop as complex standards change and evolve is extremely beneficial.

Dr. Michael Hagen



MedBiquitous brings leaders from across the health professions together for an ongoing exchange of information and best practices. Together, we guide what happens today as well as the future of health professions education, assessment, and improvement.

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